Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is a highly sought-after type known for its exceptional marbling, tenderness, and rich buttery flavor. The term “wagyu” refers to several breeds of cattle originating from Japan, including the famous Kobe beef. While there are many types of wagyu beef, they are all known for their high level of intramuscular fat, which gives the beef its signature flavor and texture. We intentionally source our Wagyu from the most reputable farms in Japan, Australia, and the United States that utilize traditional Japanese customs to raise their cows. This ensures the highest quality, incredible tenderness, and unmatched taste.

  • American wagyu boneless short rib beef flavor juicey American wagyu boneless short rib beef flavor juicey

    Boneless Short Ribs

    Cut from the brisket, chuck, plate, or rib More connective tissue makes for longer cook times, making for a more flavorful cut Diverse flavors make for various cooking possibilities American and Australian available
  • $232/$214

    Olive Fed A5 Striploin

    • BMS 10-12 - $232
    • BMS 8-9 - $226
    • BMS 5-7 - $220
    • BMS 3-4 - $214
    One of the rarest steaks in the world Fed a special diet of roasted olives Raised exclusively in Kagawa Prefecture in Japan The high oleic acid content makes both the animals and the resulting beef very healthy. Japanese available
  • wagyu ribeye australian american wagyu ribeye australian american


    Cut from the cow’s rib cage Inactivity of the meat along the belly makes it tender, flavorful, and well-marbled Can be served bone-in (which adds even more flavor) or off the bone Best to sear it on high heat, then move to low heat (either in the oven, on the stove, or on the grill) American, Australian, and Japanese available
  • flank steak american wagyu flank steak american wagyu

    Flank Steak

    Cut from the flank, which is the lower belly region of the cow. It is long and broad, with a decent amount of thickness to it Great grilled, seared, or marinated Often used to make fajitas American and Australian versions available
  • Austrailian American Tomahawk Wagyu Ribeye Austrailian American Tomahawk Wagyu Ribeye

    Ribeye Tomahawk 30-40oz

    Long loin that runs the upper cavity under a cow’s rib cage Also known as bone-in ribeye is a big, thick-cut ribeye with a long bone still attached Bone gives it its signature look and flavor. Best when grilled, but can also be smoked, pan-seared, or oven-broiled American and Australian available
  • Australian Wagyu Beef Patty Australian Wagyu Beef Patty

    Ground Beef Exquisite taste

    Australian wagyu is a combination of ground chuck and ground brisket Recipes range from hamburgers and meatloaf to pizza and sauces Australian available
  • Austrailan Wagyu Top Sirloin Austrailan Wagyu Top Sirloin

    Sirloin Must try

    Loin end that lies under tenderloin muscles Top sirloin is known as the "best" of the sirloin, bottom sirloin is known as sirloin steak Most intense marbling of all cuts Diverse cooking options work well American and Australian available